pure making...

im making a pure what should it be? :hyper:

i like str pures lol

Make a mage pure. They own at low lvls.

magic pures do own…

you could be lvl 64 with 80 magic :slight_smile:

but you need a lot of $$

im transferring all my armour from main to pure = around 470k

DO NOT MAKE A PRAYER PURE!!! if u have the dedication to train mage to 59 on a mage pure then u will own but if u just want a pure to make quick try a range pure and if u want something in between go for a melee pure, the good thing about melee pures is u can always keep training them

str pures hit the hardest

mage pures own but they cost a lot. i got a stre pure cuz im poor there still good but u die more

If you have alot of money, make a mage pure. but if you don’t, i suggest making a str/range hybrd.

ok my mage lvl is 6 now so mage pure mods please lock

pure str owns!

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Magic pures own in the wild =P

F2p= Range pure

P2p= Str/att pure with 81+ mage

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