Pure Range Questions

i recently decided 2 make a pure range acc. what lvls should i keep at 0 and which should i raise?

I would suggest range and defence, but I’m not a pure expert so I don’t know.

dont raise anything but range and hp.

range and def and maby pryer it would relly help with pkers

i have a pure arcane ranger and i pk a lot. i suggest all u do is lvl ur range and hps no defence or aaaaaaaaaannnnnyyyyyything. Also it mite be helpful to get like 25 magic since it helps u get a couple hp lvls and doesnt affect combat much. u can cast bind on warriors as well as tele if u are in danger. i pkd about 5 ppl yesterday and alli got was about 60-120 of each basic rune.

ps dont get prayer unless u have the amount of big bones u need to burry to get to 43 prayer. i think prayer messes u up and ur no longer a pure

your not a pure unless your level nouthing but your hp and rang and for a pure mage your magic and your hp and a warrior i dont know yet

warrior is atk and str :smiley:

For pure rangers whats good for a “long-term” pker would be something like:
1 attk
1 str
40+ def
highest range possible
highest hp possible
43+ pray

if you just want a lv like 30-50 pker all i would get is magic for tele and pure range

1st get 40 range ob like lvl 25 comabt then raise 2 lvl 50 range with 26 mage defence is useless unless itz lvl 40+

thnx every1 4 ur help

Range - As high as you can get it
Def - 20 is probably the best choice, but if it’s gonna be member’s then 40
Prayer - Either 1 or 43… depending on how much cash you have to spend on it

thnx, ive got like 7mil so i can get the 43 prayer with no problem :stuck_out_tongue: