pure warrior lookin for a clan

61 str
50 attk
50 magic
10 defence (blk pure)
40 range
52 combat
55 hp
1- soon will be 31

looking for a pure clan a really good 1 that will accept me

zamorak legion wants u. post at our thread.o yeah we always pk.

do u guys have a website

uhh I would tell you to join sw…but you want a pure ONLY clan…

well is ur clan mostly pures



Saradomins Angels will have a war when the armour sets have been prepared. Do not join and expect a war immedietely. If you have not done the Monkey Madness quest, and you’re in Saradomins Seraphs, you must use any other dragon weapon, or a better weapon than dragon.

nope its not mostly pures.

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50+ strength with 35+ combat,
50+ range with 35+ combat,
50+ magic with 35+ combat
40+ attack and defence with 35+ combat
40 att and 40+ strength with 40+ combat
or 30+ combat with a skill over 50 (excluding firemaking)

We are a new clan mainly aimed at pures.We currently have 9 members in the first 2 days of opening.All people who meet the requirments may join not just pures.We are made to have fun and make freinds.

its lead by:


Heavenly Law

head pk leader:
00 0 000 0

we need soem pk leaders when the clan grows.

we will be doing
range line ups
mage line ups
inner clan fun wars
mini wars
and much more

we need you!!

Purepriest made this clan along with me but in the first 2 days she didnt come to the forums or recruit anyone or make any effort at all.I said to her i will make you council till you are more active you re-instate you as a leader with me.She was not happy with this and she will flame this topic un-doubtebly flame this topic.

its a pure focused clan saradominist angels.