purely unfair

Ok, now my combat lvl is 37, and i want mine at edgeville dungeon. However, these stupid lvl 22 and 25 skeletons are attacking me without I attacking them. However, I noticed that the skeletons did NOT attack some other ppl. I don’t know why but that is pure UNFAIR.

Because they are agressive when you mine coal there.

some monsters attack ppl by themselfs that are less that twice there lvl, so your lvl 37 so itll attack u, but is u were lvl 44 or 50, they wouldnt attack u cause your 2x its lvl

Oh yeah, thats the reason, my mistake.

Its not really unfair,

Som monsters are aggressive and will attack people that are up to double their level.

So to not be attacked you need to be the monsters level X 2 then + 1

Yes, once you get to about double their combat level,they will be to scared of you, though some monsters attack you no matter what.

yea if u find a monster with lvl 63+, then they will always attack cuz the max lvl is 126… and anything in wildy attacks, cept for spiders and the lvl 1 rats…

No, the rats will attack you. And, if you REALLY want to mine down there and not be attacked, just bring a friend alog to keep the skeletons off you. Thats what I do when I mine mith at hobs in wildy.

you actually have to get to double +1 their combat. However, this doesn’t apply to monsters in the wilderness.