Purple boots?

…I’ve been asked to get some.
What are they and how can I get them?

BTW I’m a lvl 27 nonmember and new to this site

You can only get plain and simple boots in the free world, nothing else. You can get coloured gloves in f2p.

Ok thanks. So can members get purple boots and if so could I buy them?

nope boots r p2p and p2p only but the colored gloves r bought in p2p but can be sold in f2p

i dont think there even is purple boots…correct me plz if im wrong

i think i’ve seen purple boots before…but that was a long time ago, so i’m not sure

yea theyre are purple…theyre like kinda a pink though. well there HAM boots then theres the Werewolf Village purple boots.

coloured boots are members only…but if u want sumthing colourful…try coloured gloves…u can only buy them from other players though