Put a bank in Rimmington or the Crafting Guild?

I think that Jagex should do this because Rimmington is swarming with trees and would be a great place to mine iron if there was a close bank and people who mine in the crafting guild wouldn’t have to run al lthe way to Falador. A bank in Rimmington = another Draynor (yet better)

They have enough banks. More banks aren’t needed.

I personally don’t think so cause the crafting guild isn’t that far from faly and the rimmington mine isn’t that far either… Just my opinion…

is that your only reason for thinkg no iced?

No, my other reason is that if there are banks every where, people won’t have to work as hard to get things.

This site cotredicts your last reason because with all of the help sites out they dont have to work as hard for there things and having a closer bank doesnt make it easier to do something such as mine gold in the crafting guild, it just makes it faster

Most of the time making something faster, makes it easier. If you can do something fast like let’s say bank gold ores. Then you can lvl up easier by having the bank right there for storing.

i agree, if there’s banks everywhere, then the game would be a little 2 easy, cause if u r mining, and ur inventory is full, all u have to do is go to a nearby bank, or if u r fishing, etc

For some odd reason… I’ve always thought there should have been a bank in Lumby because it was technically where everyone started… Now that there’s a bank in Al Kharid, there’s no real need for a bank in lumby… Bascially, as far as the f2p world goes, I personally think there is a bank in all needed areas of the world… BTW… I need not worry about anyone else using the avatar I picked… I mean come on… I am Geminiman… Hehe ^_^… Makes me so happy just to see him there by my name…

ok i see your side except for one part - there are multiple cities on runescape with 2 banks and only 1 is needed

and i did what another topic told me to get rs stat sig but ts not working please help

And karamja then??? :evil:

I partially agree with you on that sirbossman but there’s only one city IMHO that deserves two banks… Varrock… It does have to banks and it derserves two banks… I mean look how friggin big the city is… Right now, I don’t think Faly deserves two banks but if they were to make it bigger, then I wouldn’t see why it shouldn’t have two banks… I don’t know of any other non-member cities or villages that have more than two banks…

I think that a bank should be taken from fally and put in either karamja or one of the other places i suggested and the only reason i think varrock should have 2 banks is because it is the main place to buy/sell items

Isn’t there a bank or something in Brimhaven or something? For members, they have that bank feature on the main island of Karajma but I think it would be best for f2p people to not have a bank in f2p Karajma… It would just mean that the f2p people won’t work as hard to show their determination for higher level f2p fishing… For now, I don’t think that Karajma needs a bank… I couldn’t say because I’m obviously not part of Jagex and it’s pretty much up to them alone to decide where to put stuff… (Sorry, this is off but man… If only I could find a Megaman soccer pic of Geminiman… He looks so friggin cool in that game…)

I think with needing to use a slot for the money back to port sarim, needing either ur hatchet, your tinder box, and logs, or waiting for sum1 to start a fire makes this too much of a hassle. It has been said that adding a bank here would make it easier but I think it is too hard as it is. This is the only place for f2p to fish lobbies and swordies and they have to go through all I said above for EACH trip of fish.

That would be cool, But then crafting would be really easy to level up if you have a bank on the spot.