Quake 4

I’ve wanted this since ive known it was going to becoming out. The Quake series is so awesome! I have Quake 2, Quake 2 (mission pack), Quake 3 (don’t really like), and soon to be… Quake 4!

   Quake 4 is about a guy named Matthew Kane (Who you play as.), and hes a member of the Elite Rhino Squad. He's leading the next wave of Earth's invasion. Then enemey you will be fight is called "Strogg" and you are captured by them and taken to their "Stoggification" Facilities. (Strogg are HUMANS that are cut up and fused with metal, wires, and circuitry.) When u arrive, you wait up and you in the process of converting your body into one of the Strogg. Right before the transformation is complete, your susposed to get you brain implant activated. (Pretty much makes you Strogg. ENEMY.) You get rescused by a squad of your fellow marines and returned to base.

   By now your almost a completly constured Strogg warrior, you never got ur bain implant activated, which makes you not Strogg. Now that your so strong like the strogg, you are the key to accessing these previously impenetrable defenses and locations. In the end your the key to victory and your sqaud helps disable the Strogg defensive systems.

   This was summerized from the official Quake 4 site, [Quake 4 Official Site.](http://www.quake4game.com/) 

   I am telling you now, this game is very gory and if you like gory games with a great story line, and mulitiple things to do, this game is for you!

it looks like a awsome game, the graphics are awsome, if i had a 360 id get it

blah 360, way over rated… i prefer computer much easy to handle FPS cause it moves much more fine and smoother than a jumpy joystick

ya but for me it would be cheaper rate now to buy a 360 to upgrade and get a crap load of stuff so my comp can run quake 4,…

I like killing aliens in the dark shoots MWUAHAHA!