queen hen

Im not a member but i’m going to become so i’ve thought of getting all the stuff ready before i become. i already have 2k mith bars and 2k normal logs well, thats about 30k mith arrows but i need 30k feathers…well i know feathers are cheap and all but i wanna get them my self coz i dont have money to go spending arround. Man, it is HELL boring to kill chickens!!! So my friend and i thought there should be a monster called a queen hen wich should be a high lvl(so that noobs dont get feathers so easly), drop like 100-200 feathers and be a member monster(so fishers on f2p worlds dont get they’re job done easier). Wot about this? give u’r opinions and if u want sugestions. thnkx for the attention.

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What level would they be and how many of them would there be? They might be too easy to kill and then feathers would be worth nothing instead of 5 gp each.

Feathers are 10-14 gp each :wink:

yea that would be a good idea but like the other guy asked what lvl will they be and how many will there be we need to kno that info first

That would be an ok idea, I guess.

i dunno something like 70 or so, there should be 2 or 3 places where to find them each place with 3-4 of these beauties. wat u think?

too high level. Try 35 or something.

ill leave the combat lvl open…any1 know how to inform jagex staff of this???

:P… Of course I wish this was also for non-members but oh well… But O_O;;;, Jagex will probably have to make like another type of chicken meat for this thing… I mean, it being suggested around level 100-200 would probably mean that this chicken is really big (That’d be a sight) or this chicken has like super-chicken strength… But it’s a good idea… Wonder’s about what it’d be like to stumble across the queen of all hens…


This is a very cool idea. I love it! :smiley:

geminiman i didnt sugest that the hen was 100-120 combat lvl :o , i wrote that it should drop 100-200 feathers each time.I have no idea for the combat lvl since people think that a lvl in the house of 70’s is very high. Anyway i’m glad that most people like the idea!!! :smiley: But i’d really like to know how to contact jagex staff… :?

Queen Hen
cb lvl : 45
attack power : max. 8
hp : 62
drop : 2 bones and 100/200 feathers
and 3 times chicken meat

but 1 problem the pirce of the feather is now 5gp /15 gp but if the queen hen would come the price would drop even lower because its much easyer to get them… think about it carfully


i dont think it should drop 2 bones, that would be growing fletching and prayer at the same time. and thats TOO good. anyway someone who catches feathers isnt there for the meat. though 2 pieces might be apropriate. dont forget that a bar is 15 arrow heads, so u have 10k bars u need 150k feathers!!! say that u buy them at 10 ea it is 1.5mill wich is a lot. So i think the price shoulddefinately drop. But if u make the combat lvl like 80 i wont drop as much as the one u sugested. wat u think?

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it would make fletching too easy

guys mods should ban ppl u spam, anyway if u are rich and dont mind spending money on feathers that is up to you, i only suggested a way that is not buying or die of tedium.