queen kalphite trip - today

looking for 15 people to attend

time: 4:00 pm eastern time
date: saturday april 2nd
what: queen trip
meeting place: world 9 shanty pass

people going
1 dontblink2 (me)
2 ebony5
3 Sarpedeon
4 j7242
5 pker seth
6 sportfreak56
7 dragonteeth0
8 death cloud
9 goku dinky
10 demonspitfir
11 pyro4816
12 IcedEarth15324
13 Tiefers
14 bb2b
15 mutation cm

what you should bring:
rangers should bring
around 8 pray pots
2 range pots
around 300 rune arrows
rest of invitory sharks

melee should bring
super set
10 pray pots
rest sharks

if we get a drag med it will not be split who ever gets kill keeps med.
if we get drag chain thats 2 million per person.

sign up :smiley:

What time is that GMT?

i can come

Put me down blink, ebony5.
by the way do u have to do quest to get to queen? i am p2p by the way

I’m coming!! Add Mutationcm (also my RS username). I have 60 magic and 76 combat, I’m not sure if I’ll use magic or melee.

memememememememe (ebony5)

add j7242 to the list

add ke-hael to ur list

blink add me of course

no noobs allowed

jk :slight_smile:

i dunno if ill be allowd 2 come,

im 52 attack
49 strength
44 defence
32 mage
42 range

I would like 2 come!!!

are you a member? if so you can come

yea im p2p

also where do we meet?

edited that in thank you

If u guys would like to see a lvl 43 newb slaughtered… i can hit up 2 10 and would love to see legendary players take her on

your not allowed because you copyed some ones name. if you do show up ill make sure you fight the queen alone[/quote]

who edited my post grrrrrrrrrr

i can come.

goku dinky and demonspitfir

we maynot be able to buy all the stuff can you provide some if we buy it?

5 spots open if no one else signs up and we get chain thats 3 mil per person