Quest Log

I havent done quests in the longest time, I’ve been neglecting them. So I’ll complete some for legends and some for rewards. I’ll keep this as a log for others to see how fast I can get my quest points up.

Start: 83 Quest Points
Now: 85 Quest Points.

^Family Crest: Completed

Pkzaber joined me on this one. Notice the text, “Pkz owns y0”

^Monk’s Friend: Completed


Gd luck completing the quests, i need to do some quests too , well gd luck

sweet, keep comin!

Heh, good to see you’re getting into those quests :stuck_out_tongue:
Btw, now I have 157 :smiley:
sickmate 8)

I’m going to do more as the days go by, maybe a few breaks here and then but I’m focused on this.

Oh and btw VV

Sickmate, you quest noob :stuck_out_tongue:

Good Luck on the Quest!!!

Good luck… I got like 110 :smiley:
Try the short ones, they sometimes give decent rewards too :slight_smile:

good luck dude i just recently did all the most of the f2p quests

good luck mate :wink:

i should make some quests too since my QP sucks…

Good luck on getting them completed. You WILL need it.

ya, i need to do some quests…

keep going and gd luck with more quests

ew quests =P good luck on these, and on legends… all worth the pretty white cape ^.^

I plan on doing these following quests:

[li]Underground Pass
[/li][li]Death Plateau
[/li][li]Digsite Quest
[/li][li]Rolving Elves
[/li][li]Shilo Village
[/li][li]Temple of Ikov
[/li][li]Troll Stronghold
[/li][li]Monkey Madness
[/li][li]Recipe for Disaster

^^I’ve got a long way to go, but after that… I’ll be finished with all the quests I want done. Maybe finish up a few ones I left unfinished too…

Keep it up, noob. :slight_smile:

Be careful on Underground Pass and Monkey Madness. Monkey Madness is one of the hardest, and Underground Pass gets very annoying, because you lose alot of health falling off stuff…
sickmate 8)

dang, goodluck and dont die :wink: