Quest to 40 mill

while I need cash to buy barrows and phat and i do not know what price will be when i get 40 mill but…

do u people think i can get it by christmas?

I’m gonna try so danm hard!
I will be runecrafting like a mainiac!

I need to runecraft 133 333 laws! - ill be 81 runecraft by end of this

If I get my goal ahead of time Im going for 150k laws - 45 mill
then ill give up…gets really boring!

You will make it it might take about 150 hours to do so not that long.


sweet thought it would take more hours…hmmm wonder if my goal should be higher?

Edit calculated time it would take: 177 hours becasue I thought i got 750 an hour…draynor tele…its like 5-10secs under abyss i think…its so close to the same time! because shaw this guy when I got there for 10 times in a row

i coted are ya crazy cuase 40 mil hhooly crab alot of money

people have billions!

u can do it but i am not sure the way you do it, maybe think of someting else

Umm… it takes about 60-70 seconds per run so it works out about 800-900 an hour. 156.8623529411… and i will stop there.


ok while I tested time at draynor and it is 750 an hour…I tested over a 1 hour time period…and didnt stop

yuo can do it lol good luck

get some runners

Good luck getting 40m.Lots of RuneCrafting

its easier on entrana world 66… u need noted ess, red robes and a law tiara

Ill give a couple ess for a law, but cant get you runners. Other than that, your crazy. Good luck

So when are you selling me these runes?

read message before you responed…dont need exp I need money…duh

it will take alot of hard work, time and dedication, but you could do it :slight_smile:

you can do it dude…just get runners

You can do anything you set your mind to, Good Luck :slight_smile:

thats a 1000 a hour ever hour hes on u can make 1000 laws in 1 hour and even if he does u think u can craft laws for 150 hours thats there is no way

That’ll take 50 days if you play 3 hours a day…