question about dragonhide armor

do you need a certain defence to wear the dragonhide body or is it just the range level you need? although i do kno w you need to of completed drag slayer to wear body.

u need 40 def to wear the body and u have to have completed drgn slyr.

the chaps and vambraces u can wear at any def lv provided u have 40 range

what about blue dragonhide body? do you have to have 50 def? and with red do u have to have 60 def?

40def to wear all dragon hides but you must be a certain RANGE level to wear other coloured dragon hides.

i am 57 range and i know i can only wear blue and green so if i get 40 def i can wear red drag body?

here ill clear it up for u, all dragon hide armor can only be worn if u have 40 defence or better. and to wear the body, u must have completed the dragon slayer quest. green dragonhide requires 40 def and 40 range. Blue dragonhide requires 40 def and 50 range. Red dragonhide requires 40 def and 60 range. Last but not least black dragonhide requires 40 def and 70 range. Does that make sense?