Question on trimmed armor

One of the people on my forums said you can buy trimmed armor in a really deep part of a cave, can anyone confirm this?

false… unconfirmed… if he wasnt lying you prolly need the clue scroll for it or he found it cause someone else dropped it

I’m pretty sure (positive in fact) that the only way to get trimmed armor is by clue scrolls. I think he was lying because I searched forever in that place until…well…I didnt find it.

actually, he said he wasn’t sure on it so I came here to ask…
…but thanks for the help anyways

no prob… and yes, clue scroll is only way- or buy it

ok, thanks

Trimmed, gold, and god armor comes only from clues which are memb only but tradadble items to nonmembs. If someone claims to trim armor they will just steal it cuz they are lieing scammers.

I know that…I have it posted on my site

I have a question, can you only get one set of trimmed armor from doing the scroll thing or can you get more. This may sound like a stupid question but i was just wondering.

lol no, its not true, it so, it would be a lot cheaper than what it is now

and yes, trimmed and gold, and god armore can only be found from clue rewards