SHOULD I GET GREATAXE, FLAIL, OR OBBY SHIELD WITH DDS OR LIKE DLONG OR SOMETHING? WHICH WEAPON. im just gonna edit and say no whip anymore cuz its obvilously a whip…so…the first weapons help me with those.

Please refer from posting all in caps.
And you should get whatever you want. I’d go for a whip.

ok. But im too poor for a whip???

get a whip

do you wanna go pk `?
if yes then dds if it’s dragon dagger :smiley:
And dragon scim or some other weapon :smiley:

No ones too poor for a whip, make cash! You’ll make that money soon.

Dragon longs are rubbish, Dds own in wildy, so do barrows items.

you should get a d scimmy and dagger
by the way, ratox, its “deter” from posting in all caps not “refer”