Quick Pattern Tut.

I forgot the name of the pattern but I did the tut anyways. Hope you like!

Edit: I just realized I put runescapereal so I’m going to change it. Also sorry if the words are cramped lol.

Naw the text is fine… :smiley: Except if you can, set the anti aliasing to none! (Look at the text bar that appreas at the top of your screen while using that tool, and look for a logo that has two a’s cramped together. You gotta change that to none :).)

Otherwise, it is actually a really well-explained tutorial! Keep it up Mariazipet :shades:.

Uh thanks. :D. I just got braces today so it feels weird in my mouth but not these kind of braces > :braces:

Bump. Thanks for the help. I’m working on fixing it now. :slight_smile: