Quit Runescape

Am been thinking that quit runescape may help me in life much easyer then on runescape mostly everyday so that a quit runescape for good but i be on here less then am on now so seeya people :wink:

quited isnt a word… quit is though.

ok, you do that
i’ll go have a sandwich

Yes but i finished at 105 combat so that not bad for to finish at :slight_smile:

most finish at 60… lawl

dude for the first month - 3 months you will think that you want to get back to game…the addiction…but once you over come it your life is free again…I know :P…I have beeen off rs for 3 months…I think I’m getting back soon but starting not to care :P…starting to pull grades up…I’m so proud of self :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Thanks but your not gonna make me get back in to runescape

I won’t the addiction will. maybe!

Well… its your choice, no one can stop you. Good luck with life.

Wow, you were lvl 105 and you are quitting? Why?


I lasted a whole 5 months without playing…I think it was the music i missed the most, not sure though…I would prbly play WOW if i could, but my comp isnt fast enough sadly.

Lol im only 70 combat and quitting soon… The game has too much of an impact on your life, Its dangerous. And after Jagex banning me regularly and so many black marks being added to my account, Im not paying $8.20 per month to be banned all the time. Especially when its over mostly things I havent done.

I h8 Jagex…

can i have ur items?

No… They can stay there and rot away

Soloman, I am positive that Jagex do all these things for a reason, and the fault lies with you. If you havent broken any rule deliberately, why would Jagex want to ban you and lose a customer like you? Blame it on yourself instead of on Jagex.

Sad that you are leaving, Imthemama. I hope you will change your mind. :slight_smile:

Trust me, If only I could be bothered posting the situation you would understand… The blame partly rests on my hands, And partly on Jagex.

Noooo, don’t quit imthemama.

But if you do can i have your account? Jk lol…

LOL jim… You n00b

ok cya dude

Hes already gone, stop spamming