Quitting Runescape.

Well as the title says, im leaving.

My msn is in my signature but i wont be expecting you to add me.

Been a good one.

Big thanks to.

Duke, the forum wouldnt be here without him.
Archas, a good friend
Skate, yes you can keep my stuff
Parris, inspiring and funny, (on msn still :smiley: )
Joilio, for maintaining a certain quirkyness
Everyone at RSR, even you Ebony and yes you Mini, you may be glad to see me go im not glad to be rid of you.

Well, thanks and goodbye, i s’pose ill drop a few posts a month :fever:

Me Irl.

Oh and i cant forget.

L3G4CY aka Hardcore1.

Sad to see you leave RS. I remember you for teaching me the art of hunting down blue drags with range.

Good luck in life.

sorry to here you quit did you get bored of it or did you get hacked

i didnt know you welll but sad to see you leave ill miss you

I was the newb who kept asking you how you were doing.

Luten, i remember that day so well :guilty:

Oh i got bored, very bored.


Thanks. :wink:

well… cya lata. hav a god life. lol…

Cya, and listen, dont let anyone tell you you cant pk, because i know you can. :faint:

SlayerMaster been here since 2004.

He got banned and created SlayerMaster for here. He use to post a lot. If you didn’t know, now you know lol.

I also remember when you made sigs.

You still got that sig i made for you?

ImageShack was been weird but here.

I had such a unique style i called it, NEWBSTYLE.

I stopped making those after awhile because people like CrunkMonkey owned me.

peace out man have a good one

wow slayer left didnt i use too yell at you and call you a noob i think it was you cant remember well any ways cya dude

Thanks good luck with your ranger.

Nope, if you did you’d probably be insane by now, i was a good flamer.

Nice meeting you well i did not now who you was anyway on here but well everyone got to move on in life apart from been on runescape all the time

Jesus you sound almost word for word like my friends.

i dont know u but bye…