Quitting Sale!!

Please offer on the items. Even though Im quitting I will not accept crazy offers.

Please PM me after posting here and recieving my approval of your offer with:

Times you can come on:

Thanks a lot.

ill buy ess 1.5k of them 25 each

Why do u want money if your quitting? :confused:

ill buy rune battle axe for 38 K,

Any ranaar seeds?

ill buy elemental tally 70k?

is any 1 here, destoyer ill buy ur battle axe

hey minon i love ur sig lmao

also can are those arhim robes

38k for rune battle axe

destroyer plz reply

38k for rune battle axe!

… u triple post(ed) …

cow hides 25 each??? and 40 k on full black d hide???

I said no crazy offers.

No, sorry.

No, they arent.

Yes for hide and no for hides, at least 130gp each on hides.

is the dragon dagger (p), (+) or (s) and whats the best poison and how much do you want for it??

and i will buy the obby cape… that is and obsidian cape isnt it in the last pic?? and how much do you want for it??

if any of those 2 logs are reg logs i buy 25 each

thats not a crazy offer will 30 each do?

i will buy all lobbys for 45k

p.s. if u quiting y did u cover some stuff up and why u need mony im just asking im a bit confused:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

how much each on the laws?

1k minds 10 ea