Yes I am officially quitting runescape.
I’ve had fun but I’m getting very bored of it.
I’d like to thank everyone who has encouraged me on rs and such.
I’ll still stay here.
GFX is now my life.

BTW Guild Wars is what I’ll be switching to.

Noooo, i don’t actually know you, but i guess it’s your decision

Good luck on Guild wars and farewell from RuneScape

hey dude please dont quit!!! we would all miss you way to much!!!

I’m sorry but my mind is made up.
No offence to anyone but the graphics, point, and reason for playing runescape isn’t really that good. I wasted about 1 year playing this game.
Now I think that was a big waste of one year.

ok i dont know you but dont quite rs i know gw is good but you should play both maby anway what u doing with u stiff keepping it for if you come back that is what my m8 did when he quite even after 20 peopl begging off of him lol dot give into beggers inless you want to get rid of your stuff.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Bye byes, the Runescape World will miss you. I want to get guild wars, I have the cash to pay for it, except it dosen’t support our computer so I won’t be able to play on it -.- Bye

after 1 year…games have become a lot higher graphic and better…you will think guild wars was a waste of time…or maybe not

^^ I play guild wars and RS at the same time, there both great games, and when i want a change from Guild Wars I play RS.