R.I.P. Runescape

R.I.P. Runescape

That was two weeks before Christmas, and all through Runescape

Not a player had known what would soon be their fate.

The updates were posted on the website with care,

In hopes that all players would like what was there.

I logged onto Runescape and what did I see?

Four new updates were listed, “Wonder what they could be?”

Real world trading is bad, its “evil” they say…

A new Jagex fight against cheaters today!

Real money for gold, their raking in lots.

Kill all the autoers, kill all the bots!

Removing unbalanced trades, *What the **** is that?"

Means all those merchants will never get their phat!

Farewell birthday gifts, no more helping a friend.

No more running nats, *Just where will it end?"

This 1st post was painful, yet I just pressed through.

But I held my breath as I opened number 2.

Trade and drop changes, seems like lots of chatter.

I clicked on the link to see what was the matter.

3k gold pieces is now the trade limit.

No more getting Barrows, unless millions are in it…

Drop parties are out, drop transfers are too.

A gravestone is left if a Fire Giant kills you.

No more getting rich when a noob makes a mistake.

Those items are no longer yours for the take.

I could not believe, in what was to be…

With an unsteady hand, I clicked post number 3.

Wilderness changes? Please say its not so!

Revenant ghosts? Now that’s a low blow!

Bounty Hunter, Bounty Hunter, “Why is it multi?”

If you go solo, you surely will die.

I PKed for a living, I guess that’s now done.

Jagex, you ruined it, its no longer fun.

No more PKing, no more easy dough.

No more Runescape, looks like its time to go…

If you liked this poem, and I hope that you might.

Copy and paste it, LETS PUT UP A FIGHT!

We can get our Wildy back, if we all stick together.

If Jagex don’t listen, we’ll all quit FOREVER

This is only a very simple poem… Please take this as a simple joke?

I love this, lol. But I’m not gonna paste it anywhere.

its amazing
but chances are,
you also did not make it
but it is great

That was awesome. But damn why is he banned?

It’s a good poem, especially considering it’s about RS.


He’s bibi. lol

who is bibi?