Well i would like to say i have a clan now, it is called Rnp (Runescape Noob Protectors) well anyways requirements are as follows:
50+ combat
or 50+ in any skill
So contact me on the game if you wish to join. Username Robotgangsta, one of the 2 prime leaders.

So you protect noobs in your clan or is that just part of your name?

Yes it is what we do, lol

i wish to become your allie. my clan is the pillars of runescape. we are devoted to helping others and each other. we mostly go on mining trips and sell what we make. you could be a valuable allie.

I’ll add you to the allies, and fix my website a bit.

i am aslo wishing to be your allie the black sharks i’m the leader

i will be your allie. Legion of Dynastys. But i am the only one in the clan right now lol.

I shall add you all, and we definetely need mages.