r3d3mtion buying extravaganza

ok im trying to get from lvl 51 crafting to 57 at the mo gona be 66 when i got more cash so im buying:
cowhides:100-125gp each
silver ore:50gp each
cowhides 100gpeach if less then 1k more then 1k 125gp each

Sobs I just sold all of my hides 90gp each…

lol will u get more?

nvm keyser might buy for more…u can buy if 150ea

i have 5k+ hides so

at the mo im buying 2k and max i go is 130gp each cus i got sellers for 125gp each

you on now? ill sell for 130

do you buy gold and silver bars?cuz i need more smithing and mining if you dont ill just mine silver but one more thing do you buy gold ores?

only need silver sry