Racial Profiling Debate!

Well… seeing as there are mucho posts about racism… I think that I will start a debate on Racial Profiling.
If you think they are racist, post why.
If you think they are not racist, post why not.
Try not to post overdone, worthless ideas.
My stance-
Racial Profiling is a good thing. Which person is more likely to carry out a terrorist attack?
A. A muslim
B. A swedish dude.
Hm? So does it make sense to check the person who is more likely to blow up an airplane/disco/hotel?
To me, yes. Yes, it does.

I also agree, but I think authorities should do it discreetly, and not give the guy a hard time. Do a background check, etc but don’t like stop them and bring them into a room to interrogate them unless you find something suspicious. Otherwise, don’t do it at all.

I see what you mean, but they cant go overboard on it. Say, if they started watching ALL the Muslims. Otherwise it will start Racial Hatred.
Ps. Cant trust those Swedish people… Lol just jokin :stuck_out_tongue:
sickmate 8)

I simply hate muslims. They really know how to mess up their own kinds of peoples lifes up… About the swedish dude… Uhh I dont know anything about swedish people… Lol

There is some rhyme and reason to it, but that doesn’t mean you can single out someone just because of their ethnicity. That is definitely a gray area in courts across the country…

watch out man…here comes the flaming.

Another blanket statement from someone who isn’t well-read enough to support their argument.

the swedish were vikings…so i would go LAPD brutality on him , if he has anything more then a pen…;D

but i wouldnt bring some 1 in to the room just because every 1 is white but 1 person…thats not very nice…

dude thats jus wrong… why do u hate muslims? what if a white guy did something wrong? would u start hating all whites?

I think I have to disagree wiht kingofallapie. A german exchange student(it was a girl)
was getting on a plane to go back home(she’s only like 16)and they felt the need to stop her, and do all of the checking and things.And i don’t think racial profiling is a good thing. I know that it would take to long to check everyone, but there are enough geniouses in this world to figure out a better system than racial profiling.

And Willie, whats going on, That isn’t any reason to hate muslims.

All i know is that once the government starts being called racist, then the riots will probably start up here like they did in france, because they said the government was racist.

See thats what turns the nice muslims into the terrorists hatred to themself.

a man i know got twelve tickets because he didnt do anything. Its cause he had an old car and a beard. A cop told him his light was out and it wasnt, so the cop called it an intermittent problem.

My brother drives a sporty car, speeds all the time, doesnt buckle up, and hasnt been pulled over once

shadow… u live where i live :smiley:

About the France riots… Those actually brought a tear or two to my eyes. The devastation wasn’t as much as recent natural disasters have brought to our world, but the cause and intention of the destruction hurts me and others on the inside.

About Racial Profiling… I can see the benefits of it, as goverments could use it to help target potential threats… But the ability to use it can also be severly abused. If say, the head of an operation was brought up in a culture who had something against certain people, I.E. Jewish people, the entire thing could go corrupt.

So all in all, I am neutral on the question if certain people who profile others based on race are racist or not, as it depends. I think some of the time they may be raist, depending on the certain people profiling the targets, and the rest of the time they’re not.

Well, if you racially profile a group, a terrorist organization could find other people of different races to commit terrorist attacks. However, I can understand the logic behind racial profiling.

Now couldnt you have just pm’d me that?lol Theres nuthing wrong with searching the muslims you never know how is safe and hou is not like the saying goes its better to be safe than sorry.

I hate Muslims… and christians… and Jews… Really, I’m not racist, cause I hate everybody!

LOL JK! That’s what my dad says :).

But yeah, really, everybody should be checked. But I can see the logic behind racial profiling. But it shouldn’t go over board.

Well going overboard isnt bad I mean anyone could be a terrorist! you couldnt tell but all terrorists are muslims (except for the triators) thats why we focus on searching them. You cant tell so they search everyone.
Its like child molseters they look like your average neighbor but for all you know they could be a molester or murderer! The only reason we focus on searching muslims is cause almost all the terrorists are muslims.

Nevertheless, if white people became terrorists…

Then we would focus on searching white people simple as that.