rahgars back! (u better not have had a party cuz i left lol.)

well, im back for good now. ive almost gotten attk lvl 60 in runescape, its 57 now. and ive learnt to deal with ppl makin fun of me, and how to better manage myself. my grades in school are improving, and im a new me! lol, jk about the new me part, im stilll the rahgsta. so, fill mah in, whats happened? ive read the addiction but thats it. and u guys did an awesome job on it, im pleased. has keyser joined the 8000 club? have i completely lost my mind? lol. fill me in on whats goin on here, id love to know. :smiley:

Welcome back after two weeks! =)

Oh, and Keyser joined the 10,000 club. Well, leads the 10,000 club. Only person to get it without… Well, nevermind Duke.

keyser hit 10,000 posts
duke changed his to 12,000 post to keep winning
there was a huge scrabble turnny
a few debates here and there, thats about it i can remember

lol, i see… 10000 posts. whew… ive been gone for 2 weeks? seemed longer…

Hi! Its been 2 weeks? Thought it was longer… I don’t spam anymore (except for here and there)

lol, You missed me getting ungrounded and making sigs again. Ya, theres a bunch of scrabble matchs with huge stakes, lol.

lol u got that right, i dont now who would big 10mil on a game of scrabble, thats a huge chance

All of the most important things in the past 2 weeks revolve around Keyser



Welcome back. :slight_smile:

why, thank you. its great to be back. and what the hell is scrabble? id like to win this 10mil they are offering…

Ah, I see the other Devil May Cry addict is back lol.

Just kidding. Glad to see you back.

yep, devil may cry ownz. and its great to be back, did anyone miss me?

I missed you alot!! i thought about every day of the week…lol
And scrabble is a game where you have to make words with the letters given to you.You can always watch while keyser is owning someone:)

I cried for weeks while you were gone. I was just about to commit suicide, then I saw this thread. :smiley: