Ralf's Arrow Services - Selling: Arrows <> Buying: Coal and Feathers

This is my shop where you can buy arrows, or sell me coal and feathers. Take a look at my prices below for more details.

Currently Selling:
Iron Arrows - 25gp each. (Max order 3000 arrows)
Steel Arrows - 40gp each. (Max order 2000 arrows)
Mithril Arrows - 675gp + 1 mithril ore per batch of 15 arrows. (No max order but you must have enough mithril ores.) NOTE: THIS IS 675GP PER BATCH OF 15 ARROWS, NOT PER ARROW AS ONE PERSON THOUGHT.
Adamant Arrows - I will make these for free if you supply ALL the materials. (15xAdamant arrow tips, 1xnormal log, and 15xfeathers per batch of 15 arrows. - No max order but you must have all the materials needed.)

Currently Buying:
Coal - 150gp each. I am not super rich so I will only buy in batches of about 600 each twice a week, the rest I will mine myself.
Feathers - 8gp each.

You may pay for your arrows in either cash, or the correct amount of feathers or coal. (Or a mixture of the 3 if you are feeling different :hyper: .)

Please post below with your Runescape name, what you are buying or selling, and if you are buying something how you will pay for it (ie. cash, coal, feathers or mixture.)

I will only do 3 orders at a time, any orders placed when all 3 slots are filled up will be ignored. This shop is also running across multiple RS forums so orders may come in from other places, which I will add to the order list.

Current Orders:
1 - Empty, order now!
2 - Empty, order now!
3 - Empty, order now!

Recently Completed Orders:
richo885 - 2k steel arrows - 80k - TRADE COMPLETE, thank you for buying.

Ok, thats about it, get your orders in. :smiley:


Hey is ur smith high enough to make addy arrows tips cos i aint a member so i cant do it myself? ty

ill sell coal to u

Helloo u there? Can u anwser the question plse