~Rancid Knights~


News / Updates / Events.

12/12/05 Clan Rancid Knights Open Up On Forums.











Must Have Least 50+ Hit Points
A Level Above 50 & Meet At least
One Of The “CR”s

Must Not Belong To Another Clan &/Or
Be A Spie Of Any Sort.
If You Are On The Clan ‘Black List’ Then
You May Not Enter Clan Under Any Circumstances.

There Is No Spamming Aloud On The Clan Fourm & I
Expect You Not To Spam Any Others On Any Fourm.

There Is No Attacking Other Clan Members, This Means When
We Go On Pking Trips No One Is To Attack That Of Other Player.
If It Happens That You Slip Up On , Say: “Sorry” & Immediately
Stop Attacking, Players May Yell At You For It. So If You Didn’t Know
Then Listen To Those Around You.

As With This Rule This Means If You See A Clan Member In Wildy When Your Solo-Pking I Expect You Not To Attack.
Though, If They Do First Report It To Anyone With A: RC+ Rank & If You Have To Fight To Defend Your Life. Try Warning Them That Your In The Clan First, They May Not Know It At First.

I Would Make A Special Word For Clan So People Would Understand Who’s Team & Who’s Not. But Because We Don’t Have A Private Thread. & Because Of Spies. It Would Make It Lila More Then Difficult To Do So.

& The Last Rule: Common Sense.
Use It To Figure Out The Last Of The Rules.


We Are Clan Rancid Knights, An Independent Clan. We Are Small & Thus Forth Mostly Built Of Friends. Unlike Most Clans We Don’t Try To Recruit As Many People As We Can Or Keep Old Members On Member list Or Un-Active Ones To Try & Make The Clan Seem Bigger & More Powerful Then It Really Is.

Were Honest, Smart & Worship The God: GUTHIX

Clan Cape Color Is: GREEN

Because We Are Sometimes More Different From Other Clans Doesn’t Mean That We Don’t Like To Hold Skill Torments & Have Pking Trips. & Donation Days.

We Are Just Like Clans. We Are Very Different From Clans.

URL: www.Geocities.com/Rancidknights

& If You Need To Email Me, My E-mail Is: Rancidknights@hotmail.com

It May Not Be The Biggest Or Best Clan Site Out There, But Its All We Got To Work With, & From What We’ve Come From I’d Say We Have Done Pretty Damn Well.

Clan Chant: Rancid Knights Foe Life!!! (In Green)
Or: Rk F03 L1f3, Whateva Creativeness You Can Think Up Of Will Work.



40+ Range Scout (RC)
50+ Trail Marksmen ™
60+ Honorary Ranger (HG)
70+ Ranging Battalion (RB)
80+ Ranging Specialist (RS)
90+ Battle Field Marksmen (BFM)
99* Elite Rancid Ranger (ERR)


40+ Mage Scout (MS)
50+ Trail Spellsmen (TS)
60+ Honorary Mage (HM)
70+ Mage Battalion (MG)
80+ Archmage Specialist (AS)
99+ Battle Field Archmage (BFA)
99* Elite Rancid Mage (ERM)


40+ Knight Scout (KC)
50+ Trail Swordsmen (TS)
60+ Honorary Knight (HK)
70+ Knight Battalion (KB)
80+ Fighting Specialist (FS)
90+ Battle Field Commander (BFC)
99* Elite Rancid Knight (ERK)

How Ranks Work.

Depending On Your Class You Are Rewarded With A Rank.
Now My Stats Are According To The “Three” Main Skills Needed For RK

Mage: 46 Strength: 71 Range: 52

Now If I Were To Pick Mage As My “CR” (Clan Rank) Then I Would Be Ranked Accordingly To The Chart As A “Mage Scout (MS)”
Making Me: Elvenknght (MS).

If I Where To Pick Range As My “CR” Then I Would Turn To: Elvenknght ™

& With Strength A: Knight Battalion (KB) A.k.A. Elvenknght (KB)

Now With Strength Being My Best “CR” It Would Be Best For Me To Choose This Skill Of Choice, I Insist All Do The Same.

Special Ranks:

Clan Leader (L)
Clan Co-Leader (CL)
Rancid Council (RC)
(Only Specially Picked Out
Clan Members May Be In The
Rancid Knight Council)

More On What The Rancid Knight Council Represents Later.

When You Are Marked With A SR (Special Rank) You Will Add This Last Rank To Your Own Rank After The )

Example: Kaper0 (HK) L Elvenknght (KB) CL monk (HM) RC

Note That All Leaders &/Or Clan Co-Leaders Are Automatically In The Rancid Knight Council.


This List Contains All Members Names + CR.
& Only Lists Active Members.

Members Rank
Kaper0 (HK) L
Elvenknght (KB) CL
Sephy16 (RB) CL
Anarchymonk (KB) RC
Zezimapku (HR) RC
Shawnzy42 (HK) RC


For Now We Are Clan Rancid Knights, But As Time Progress, Some Of Us Will Split The Clan Including Me (Elvenknght) & Zezimapku.

Around Lvl 100 I Shall Start A Clan Of My Own: Clan E.L.F. (Empire Of Legendary Forces)

Are Color Will Be Green, As With Clan Rancid & We Will Become Allies.

Zezzy Shall Start A Clan Of His Own As Well: Clan L.E.S. (Last Empire Standing)

Color Being: Yellow &/Or Blue.

Although We Split We’ll Be Closer Then Ever Together As United Clans. Which We Call: “Rancid Alliance” Color Being: Purple. & The Rancid Council Will Exists For All Clans.

Future Allies:

ELF – Empire Of Legendary Forces.
LES – Last Empire Standing.


This List, The List You Don’t Want To Be on Is A List Of Enemies A List Of Rivals & A List Of People To Conquer People On The List May Not Join The Clan Under Any Circumstances.

As Of Now, No One Is On The “Black List”

Note: Please Do Not Post Random Things On This Thread, Only Open FOr Compliments, Bumps, & Applying Rancid Knights!


~Elve & Team.

(Rancid Knights Foe Life!!!)

~^B u m P^~

Rk Fo3 L1f3!

~^B u m P^~

& Everybody Meet Sephy.

Clan Rank: Sephy16 (RB) CL

~^B u m P^~

Remember, Were Looking For Active Members Only.


~Elve & Team

Can i join? My cb is 54 with over 40 str def att and range. Plus i got 60 wc, 46 fishing and 46 cooking

Alright, Your In, But If You Remain Unactive To Clan, Which Means Failing To Come To Clan Meetings Ect, Ect. You’ll Be Kicked.

Alright I’ll Add You For Now, Be Sure To Add Other Clan Members Too.

& Becuase Where New We Don’t Have Anything Shedulled. For Any Coming Events.

Be Sure To Post Here Every Once In A While. & Let Me Know Wheather You Want To Become A Rancid: Ranger, Mage, Or Knight.

Oh, & Welcome Aboard.



Work Hard For The Clan & You Just Might Land Yourself In The Rancid Council. (ooooo)

& Belive Me, One Way To Score With The Chicks Is By Being In The Rancid Council. : 8)