random screenshots

I will never post again.

I’m sorry but 0/5…
It’s stupid…

OMG that is soooo funny :lol:
Is that you in the pics?

No offece those are stupid.

Lol, that’s so fricken funny! 5/5! :stuck_out_tongue:

that was so funny u should lol


u just have to have that kind of sense of humor i guess, and those werent set up either, those were random ppl and i got them to say that, y did they do that u say, cuz they are the biggest idoits ive ever seen… lol
thanx to all u who liked it, and to u who didnt sry to waist ur time!

hmm not very funny at all 1/5

im going to try make ppl do that lol! 7/5

i give a 0/10 man it dont make sence!

not bad, but not really funny…
kinda stupid… :?

wow that is very stupid i dont know how anyone could find that funny 0/5 if i could give u lower i would

3/5 pretty funny 5/5 thatu got the ppl to say that =)

it’s ok i guess… 2/5… though it’s not really funny…

THayt is just wrong but funny!5/5
:arrow: legends mine

that looks like u in the pics!!!
well 1/5

No offence, but I’ve coughed up funnier things than that :smiley: - 28%

~ ewok

lol i love it 4/5 great and funny pics

do u really know zezima?