Ranged Places!!!

I need help on where to range. i got 40 range
level 62 combat
and have and need more arrows please help im csp713 on runescape

please reply and im sorry for the double post and also this is off topic what does it matter in the wildy if someone has skull above the head or not? and also sorry again moderators how to I post my signature

if they have a skull, that means they attked sum1 and if they die, they lose evrithing they have with them and ur a noob for begging for items

True about the skull. It means that the person attacked someone else. If they die they lose everything (keep one item if they are using protect item prayer - lvl 25 prayer). The skull goes away after twenty minutes of gameplay, so if you want to keep your stuff, simply stay alive for 20 minutes after fighting someone.
Now, if the original post was meant as “I’m poor and need free arrows” don’t beg here. Read the rules - specifically number four

  1. No begging - Begging is not allowed on these forums. Even if you were hacked, which is a shame, is still not allowed. Any such form of begging will be dealt with.

There ya go. If you don’t know where the rules are, look under “forums” then click on “announcements” and the third post (which is stickied) contains the forum rules.

im not begging I am seriously me and my friends are trying to get money to have a drop party for noobs so they can have something and they will stop begging ok?