Ranger, Warrior or Mage better?

Plz tell me which is better…:smiley:

to me its magic…it owns

mage does own

mage all the way!

mage no matter what

Mage-range hybrids own even more. But mage most of all.

i agree bout mage but if u know what ur doing u can own with melee

mage all the way! :D! it owns j00!

lol, i dont really care which is better. they all have pros and cons… so, dont lemme decide. why do you have to ask this??? whines too HARD! i cannot decide… well, mage is pretty good, but i prefer melee(warrior)

i voted mage becouse its my highest level (level 68) =)

i believe that a warrior and mage hybrid can own especially since mage armors r pretty flimsy while melee armor is SOLID!

I asked this because I want to train into it.

I use them all…warrior is the cheapest so I use that more…range take forever to train so I use that one the least…and mage costs a LOT of money…they all own the same

okay…thx…:smiley: but i need more votes!

PS: Thx for those who voted…:smiley:

Mage for PK

But melee for NPC’s

mage is probly best

warrior owns all :smiley:

if u get 99 strength u can own anyone!

mage owns all! F2P and P2P

mage owns all!