ranging please help

im going to become a ranger im planning to spend up to 10k and im f20 what shoulkd i buy and where should i train??? im lvl 1 ranger now

For a level 1 ranger, i would recommend killing dark wizards south of varrock.

thanks what should i buy?

Just normal leather for chaps, body, vambraces.
And a cowl, with a short/longbow.
And some simple arrows like bronze, good for beginner training.

i wud train on med 2 about lvl 10 then move to goblins and then at lvl 20 to dark wizzards and at lvl 30 to zombies then hill giants at 40 then lessers at 50 then greaters at 50 then i wud keep training on greaters.

I suggest training on goblins from level 1-10 range, or chickens so you can collect feathers. After that, from level 11-30 range I suggest training on men, dark wizards, or wizards.