My ranging is only 28 and i dont know how to raise it faster because it took me ever since CHRISTMAS :cry: to get there! can anyone give me tips???


I can, I suggest training on wizards till level 30. Take all the runes and sell them for better bows and/or arrows. Then battle guards till 35. I then suggest battling white knights till 40 and then choose your own fights.

this might sound crazy but i ranged chickens 2 30 and then used the feathers to make more steel arrows. u get fletching and range xp

cool but im not a member yet i will be in a month

as i said but keep feathers for fletching in the near future.

for free world training
lvl1 to 20, train on chickn cows golbins…
lvl20 to 50, if u got a nice defense lvl and combat llv, trainon dark wiz at south varrock or wiz tower. wiz is the best thing to train ur ranged on if ur low lvl
lvl 50 to 60, train giant or mossy giants
lvl60 above, train on crandors lessers

Ranging was easier from lvls 1-34 in rs 1 where u could just range gnome troops all day. Start with chickens till u wield a yew longbow. Note that u train with a longbow and fight with a shortbow to conserve arrows. Use a shortbow if u have plenty of arrows and always collect ur arrows. After collecting feathers from chickens u can cut trees and make bow shafts feathered which sell 15 gp each which can then be used for more arrows :). Always use bronze. Iron dont seem to hit as often so tho bronze is weaker it seems to b more accurate and much cheaper. the one damage difference on a blue moon isnt worth the arrow cost. At lvl 20 get full studd armor and train on the blk mages outside of varrock. Runes sell for a lot even with runecrafting so for ranged pures that is the way to earn cash. At lvl 30 upgrade to a yew bow and shoot everything in you path. That is just fun and easy. Dwarfs under the Whitewolf mountains are fun to shoot over tables and bars make excellent ranged places.

If u are a member kill rock crabs. Stats for them: lvl 13 hp 40 def 1 atk 1 str 1= high ranged exp no damage. They drop clues and caskets which means money. Rock crabs are located near relleka on a beach and attack when walked upon.