Ranks page

this may have been one of the things you said would take a few days to bring back duke, but in case no one noticed…its gone

I thought Duke was planning on redoing the entire layout of the ranks system? Just saying cause of the sticky topic on this forum…

maybe that is it

Duke wanted to redo the names for them. Like instead of admin, it will say Duke. And for mods, it will say like knights or something like that.

So you mean like acutal ranks? Like Page, Squire, Knight, Paladin, etc… Like that? Hmm… I like how it ties with the theme of RS… (I still kinda wish I could assign myself Robot Master after posting Insert a 4 digit number posts)

lol, that will be cool with the new ranks

Wow, that’s awesome! I can’t wait to see all the new updates!

Yeah that would be cool.

Yeah… I believe an earlier dated post says something about having this forums remade into the medieval theme. I think that’d be pretty neat, since RuneScape is seemingly much like that of the medieval times.
If somehow I manage to have enough time to be wasting it on research, I can probably find a list up to about 50 of names and levels people are assigned back in the bad 'ol dark ages :wink:

that sounds cool

yea i thought my computer was playing up lol…coz i couldnt see the ranks bit :slight_smile: i think medieval names would be good but…a person coming to the site for the first time may get confused…i mean everyone knows what a moderator is…they dont when its a ‘knight’…just a thought :?

Well, he can always add a help page. :smiley: For example, Ranks Explanation for Newcomers to RuneScapeRealm, etc. etc. Then on there they can put Moderator = Knight or however you would like to phrase it. People will understand in time. Its not that hard :roll:

This is gonna be sweet. :smiley:

Of course, the crowns would help to identify somebody’s rank.

But instead of giving everyone crowns, we can have such as helms and different type of helms for different knight types. caps and such for lesser ranked people. its interesting. the whole thing can be manipulated.

or it could be… party hats or halloween masks or something?

His original idea was to make the forums into a medieval theme. Besides, people would argue about which rare items was worth more as to be given value for the post counts :slight_smile:

Very true. We’d have incessant arguing regarding the posts and they’d just change back anyway.