Rapid Fire Debating Volume I

And Now It’s time for something New: RFD (Rapid Fire Debating) There will be 5 of these Threads, Each with a different Topic.
Rapid Fire Debating Volume I.
Volume I 's Topic
Abortion: Yes, or No?


i think that abortion is wrong because you could be killing the person who could find a cure for cancer or be the next bill gates


Anyway, Abortion is all about three things:

  1. Pro Choice People
  2. Pro Life People
  3. Legislation of Morality ((Look it up, kidlets!))

Proof coming in my next post.

I assume that by rapid you mean fast responses…

So I’ll try to summarize by basic argument from other such posts…
[li]The killing of a human being is murder.
[/li][li]Murder is wrong
[/li][li]A baby is a human
[/li][li]Murdering a baby is wrong
[/li][li]A fetus is a baby human
[/li][li]Murdering a fetus is wrong
[/li][li]Abortion is wrong

What Keyser Presented us with is a summaryof the Pro-Life Viewpoint.

And I’m waiting for it to be challenged…

i think it is a good thing becuz most people who get an abortion do not have enough money/are not mature enough to have a child…
a woman should have the right to an abortion as it is her life at stake

i dont think the planet could take another bill gates look how much one has hurt us…

then they should take measures not to become pregnant in the first place, most definately if they are not married.

Abortion is wrong, Here’s why:

The big question about abortion is: when does life start? Your stance on the matter oftentimes revolves around this question. If life begins at conception, then surely it is wrong to take the life of the fetus, as this would be considered murder. But if life starts at a later point, such as 15 weeks, then up to that point it would not be murder. The entire argument is based upon this very point. I strongly believe that life starts at the moment that, provided there was no intervention, a process is started that would result in human life. Thus life begins at conception. Anything done to interfere with the process from this point on would stop a being from existing that otherwise would. Now think about it, suppose conditions were different in your individual family. How would you like to not exist because several years ago your parents/parent could not “afford” it?

Now for that issue. For those who can truly not afford to take care of a baby, there are other options available. For instance, one can put the baby up for adoption.

Cases in which the mother’s life is at stake are EXTREMELY rare these days, with current technology the number would have to be less than 2%. Now in those cases, the debate over abortion is beyond difficult.

Have you ever heard of rape? Thats not planned now is it? Found something that contradicts your idea. Yes people shouldn’t have sex without marriage but take into consideration those other women who didn’t plan on having sex and it was forced on them.

Abortion is ok. Up until 4 months of the baby being inside when it turns into a human, its ok. Have you seen a baby when its only been in the womb for 24 hrs? I have and it only has a few cells or maybe one.(I think). Its not a human so therefore its not murder.

I agree with this one but i still need to say that only when a woman is raped that she can have an abortion

Hmm…so how does this collection of cells, molecules, and atoms magically become a human at 4 months? What is it that happens at this time that turns abortion from destroying a fetus to murdering a baby ?

Because that is when apparently it starts to develop features and in some religions (holy crap my mom just told me this), this is when you get a soul.

But yet, in most cases it would be considered murder.

However, if a fetus is not properly developed, is it a human being? Some people argue on that case. However, can anyone tell the future? No. You never know what your child will turn to be, and what could have happened.

Just seems like too much of a risk…

Cases of rape and incest do make the issue different, but those cases are kind of… tricky. I don’t know exactly what to think 'bout that. Yes, it is sad, and they shouldn’t have to live with it their whole lives, but at the same time abortion is abortion. I did not mention it because I didn’t really have an opinion on such matters

How can you tell when the baby gets a soul? that would be quite a feat if you ask me.

Okay, I had a thread about this a while ago-
Abortion is an evasion of moral responsibility
It is either killing a fetus
or murdering a baby,
a defenseless baby. Why do ppl come under such fire defending a helpless, innocent party that is about to die for no good reason?

Abortion after rape is ok tho.

Actually, I read that Abortion for Rape Victims would be Legal…

gotta Find the Proof.

Well keyser, i kinda agree on all those points, BUT i think abortion is mainly concentrated on debating the question:“Why is it wrong”.
Let’s take keyser, he think it’s wrong : ok i fully respect that.
But now my question is, why prohibit it for other people? I agree that you( better yet, your wife) is never gonna do it.but why take away the CHOICE that other people could take?
This question is to eveyone who thinks abortion is wrong.

Legislation of Morality is the Answer to that.

Wheres Sela :tongue: looks for Sela

I think abortion is ok