Rapid Fire Debating Volume II

Ok, since the First one was such a hit… I have brought to you the second Installment!
Video Games:The Cause of violence or the scapegoat?
My Opinion is No, and If need be, I will bust out my 8th grade speech (On this topic)

Yay second installment! Lol.

To the debating:

I think video games aren’t bad. Its because people think that because they play a game like Grand Theft Auto that they have the right to go kill someone. Yes its a scapegoat.

Video games do glorify violence, but there’s no evidence that shows they cause any. Everything is a factor determining what you do, but video games can’t be labeled as a cause for violence any more than anything else.

Wow. I just keep getting more and more people who think like me.

Sure they have done the tests but anyone can easily manipulate them. Grand Theft Auto shows violence but you don’t see people go and beating up Hookers do you?

depends wat kind of game, i think games like San Andrais or like games that are really realistic violence give kids the wrong impression that they can do it there than can do it to anyone. also i think that not only dos it do that but it incourigese kids, like if there really mad and they play these games and get ideas wat they can do to the person. and sometime makes u mad that u just want to take out your anger on someone.

and then theres games that just make ppl want to copy them cause they look kool, like wrestling or mortal combat style games, which has killed kids by trying these trunts.

violent games should only be givin to kids in my opinion that now wat there doing or understand very well that they must not copy wat they see

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Video Games Do Not Cause Violence

Fable, Halo 2, Mortal Combat, and now God of War are several of the kind of video game that is considered to be violent. These “Violent Video Games” are at best being blamed for causing violence in players, and at worst said to be responsible for countless deaths. This is a ridiculous argument. Video Games have no more caused violence than sheep have caused sleep.
According to Annalee Newitz of the San Francisco Gate, “Authorities in Japan rarely claim that media violence causes real life violence. This being because Japanese kids don’t have access to guns. In America, many homes have weapons within reach of children with ammo nearby.”
In addition to this Japanese arcades have installed motion sensors to their shooting games. Players must duck and dodge in real life to dodge the bullets in the game. Yet still, Japan has a lower murder rate than America.
As indicated by Jeffrey Goldstein, “Video Games cannot ‘reinforce aggressive behavior’ since players do not engage in violent behavior in the first place. What is called ‘Video Game Violence’ is actually simulated, or pretend aggression, different from the real thing in countless ways. There is neither intent to kill nor a living victim in a video game”
Most Criminologists don’t consider media violence to be a serious contribution to crime. They look at domestic and real violence and how they affect people. Media consumption ranks very low on the list. “Since 1944 the FBI has reported a decrease in youth violence crime, despite the fact that the number of violent Video Games has increased astronomically.” says Annalee Newitz.

There are several reasons for youth violence, and parental influence is the greatest of them. Anyone who was in there right mind wouldn’t really allow their 7 or 8 year old play a Grand Theft Auto game. If they would, the child’s actions are the parent’s fault. There is a reason for the ESRB game rating of M (for MATURE). Also, the mental state of the person should be accounted for before the media is blamed. The Columbine High School Shooters were two kids that were pushed off the edge by bullies. Yet this information pretty much got killed off the air when the police discovered the copy of Doom 2 that was in the boy’s room.
The media’s “violence images” are the immediate and the fast solution to the problem with violence. For years, we have had religious based killings, but we have not tried to ban the bible. “Looking for scapegoats for societal ills is not new. In 1977, 70 percent of a gallop poll said TV caused crime” says Don Tapscott of the Alliance for Converging Technology. Video Games are today’s version of TV in 1977. But the media isn’t a major factor to crime. Criminologists consider access to weapons, mental health, parental influence, and socio-economic status much better indicators.
I play Violent Video Games, and I have no desire to kill anyone because they influence my behavior. I am living proof that video games don’t cause violence in their players. Thank you.

Be Warned that there are EXTREME opinions in there…
Feel free to pick away at it, VULTURES! :mad: :smiley:

Fable and Halo 2 are my favorite games though. Video games arn’t bad though. That is if you know the difference between reality and fanasty.

((See SPEECH OF DOOM!!! post))

Most people know the difference between gaming and reality. The ones who dont make people think games like GTA san andreas cause violence. Do they? Probably not. What good do they do for society? None at all. You choose.

…And Then, there’s the crazy people. :stuck_out_tongue:

Like me hudles in a corner and rocks herself “They won’t get out of my head!”.

My brother tricked my Uncle into buying him Splinter Cell Chaos Theory (hes a splinter cell fan like crazy) which was rated M. My uncle didn’t know that and bought it. I recently told my mom but she didn’t care. My brother is 16 so soon he can buy them for himself.

LOL. My Mom gave me halo 2, and Fable, and I’m 14.

Oh yeah, my cousin gave me Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball…

Yeah, well, they’re not games like GTA San Andreas. That is violent. And totally fun too.

Really. The WHOLE point in Halo is to kill stuff.
The WHOLE point in Fable is to kill stuff
The WHOLE point in GTA San Andreas is to kill stuff.


Well in GTA san andreas you can kill people in creative ways. That’s what sets it apart. And you have the whole hot coffee mod, which we’re not gonna get into.

Nope! That stuff is in RFD Volume III.

It is really fun! :hyper:. My friend who’s 12 has it. His mom buys him that stuff and his grandfather buys him porn (got him addicted to it) Lol. But hes not as screwed up as he sounds. But he does try to kill people. :sour:

what the HELL???

Lol. What do you mean what the hell? Don’t you understand my post?