Rat Riding

This was kind of hard. (This is not me. I needed someone to make the picture with, so I used a picture that KbdKc had taken of himself, and I added the rat and stuff.) Please rate one through ten.

lol i like it. its very funny 9.5/10

10/10 funny! good work!


LOL! 10/10 great work!

thanks for the comments guys, doesn’t anyone else like it?

I do brother, boy you’ve been posting a lot.

do you mean that in a bad way or a good way, brother

In a good way brother, lol.

o ok, good brother

i like it. its very funny 8/10 i think you should make some more pics.more the pics the more the experience

thanks for the tip jolio, and for the comment

no problem Calenel if someone needs help you know i try to help them as best as i can.

speaking of help, what do you suggest i could do to improve this picture, and to improve my computer art?

lol thats funny

to improve the picture u could put like a cave or something in the background and ur computer arts are not all that bad as far as i can see

that would look better

ah, i see what you mean jolio, i need more detail eh? thanks!

yes thats pretty much what im saying need details and background when u add that i will probly give you a 9/10 or a 10/10 depends on if its blurry or sloppy if u put the details and background but blurry and sloppy ill give you a 9/10 but if its got details background but no blurry and sloppiness ill give u a 10/10

any other comments on this? (i know that isnt you by the way jolio)