I’m actually looking for ratings for different types of PK pures, but perhaps others may have some use.

These shouldn’t take much more than a few hours to train up to the levels required, with the possible exception of the prayer pure.

Let me get you guys started:

Melee pure
30 att
30 str
25 hp
26 combat

Mage pure
35 mage
14 def
25 hp
26 combat

Range pure
40 range
25 hp
26 combat

Prayer pure
70 prayer
40 def
30 hp
26 combat

*All combat levels were calculated using the RSB&B combat calc.
**All unlisted stats are 1.

So, what do you think of these?

Rate them on a percentage scale, or a scale of one to ten if you like.
ex. mage pure 7.5/10
ex. prayer pure 83%

Also, if you have pure suggestions of your own, please post them.

It would also be great if you could post several variations or types that have the same combat level, so they’re compareable in the wilderness.

It’s okay

Melee Pure - 7.5/10

Well i would like the prayer pure more if his stats were more like 40 att 1 def and like 85 str.

str pure- 7.5/10
prayer pure- 8/10
mage pure-8/10
archer- 7/10

but i really doubt that the prayer pure can have 70 prayer at 26 combat and have 25 hp too cause prayer does not increase your hp at all…so its hard to belive, and the melee pure would have more then 25 hits…same with the mage and archer.

prayer pure=1/10 thats a waste, with 1 attack 1 str 1 range 1 magic, you couldnt hit or damage anything! it would take you a half hour to killsomething half ur lvl!

Mage pure 9/10.

An estimate, but I assume anyone at that level has difficulty hitting 5s or so…Mages can hit higher than 5s at that level i believe (Fire strike does around at least 7 damage, right? I havent done magic in a while)

I believe 8 for fire strike.

lol i have a pure totaler

62 wc
34 mining
27 smithing
crafting 29
combat 3

My mage pure, Jacobwiz

-53 mage
-6 def (i had 5, but my friend got 6 so i had to get it too :x )
-36 hp
-36 combat

I’ve had some really good kills with this guy, but i team with my friend who has the same stats.


is that any good?

my rune pure is comabt lvl 70 his stats are






rate this pure

i also have a mage pure his combat is lvl 45

magic lvl:60



ive pked a few lvl 60s and 65s with this guy cuz they just dont know enough
to take off there armor :lol:

hey ive ahd my pure since classic to new rs. atm the stats are

att 60
str 87
def 10
prayer 44