rate and cc my new pixel

updated it added. shadows.border.made dragon head more pointed

Its ok… but i think you should stick with black outlines, they usually look better.

ok … i tried changing the outlies of figures… In your sig did you make the background with ms paint… And if so did you happen to use the airbrush :wink:

looks pretty gd alot better then wot i can do lol

Yes i made it all in Paint. I use the spray can tool… too much apparently…

your getting better by the min!

thats lookin better than your other 1s
u keep practicing and u keep getting better
gj man i think it looks good

thanks for all the helpful ideas… Ive been reading tutorials and have gotten a better understanding.

I much like the pixel myself!
Good job I rate 9/10, your good!

rofl nestor, i just realized you rate everything either 8/10 or 9/10 or if it sucks 3/10…lolz

so in nestor’s opinion my work isnt that bad… chaos… plz post something constructive…

the eyes on the guy look strange. better than all ur other ones though :smiley:

Quite good 6/10.

i did the text =p

its cool. lot better than i could do. 8/10

you gota be kidin me bam(w/e your name is) I said you pixel was good, god damit. I was talking about nest for f*cking sake

sorry then chaos… i dont like being rude or mean.Sorry it like it… and thanks l33term4n for the text