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i personally dont like it, by the way, what is it? lol

It’s the members of the band Slipknot.
I kind of like it 6/10.

wow it a little red x

I think its kinda scarey and stupid lol


wander y i only see a read x and u see a pic

well right click it and click “show picture”

i cansee it now funny but i dont like much 6/10

and yes it is the group members of slipknot

I no likey it. Me so gonna give u a 3 hehe. Whoa wut happened…ahhh I’m possessed… or a latke. hmm. empleh!

you seriously need to goto school and do your spelling homework

i dont like slipknot too much but i like ur sig lol i play socom 2 as well … nice i give the av a 5/10 because i’m not a big slipknot fan

so u play socom 2 eh? you wanna make a clan together? pm me