rate awesome pure

lol rate 1-10

is this a pklin account if not well i give 2 / 10 cause of the defence lvl

well u no thats what a PURE is!!! :? :? :? :? :?

i rate 5/10 but…
do you have 2 member accounts???
and did you accidentally level up your defence? lol.

erm that defense is really ganna make u get hit alot

he’ll get hit a lot, but he will hit a lot too.

I dont think its such a great pure…i have a start on a pure mage…combat 20 mage lvl 29…now thats a right lvl…your str should always be higher then atk…and i would still get a 10 def pure, it may raise combat is it gives a little more help.

1/10, its not pure, it has range+att and str + 1 def. mines 100% pure, well it was, im getting 40 def now lol. :twisted:

not a pure its not bassed on 1