Rate ~ Bank Pics - Stats

I just got 1300 total on my stats. Feel free to rate. :slight_smile:

Now for my Bank Pics…

^^Rate the bank as well. I’m combat level 87, and I’ve played for a year now. I aint rich, so I dont have barrows…



I knew you werre going to post this, and I told you I’d post! :smiley:

nice bank 9/10!

Good job Winterlord, you’ve improved much from the last time I’ve seen you. I think it was around 2 months ago. Nice bank, just need to get out of the poverty you’ve always been in. :tongue:
You still have much to go to catch up to me! :tongue:

Thanks. Yup, I really need to find some ways to get money. I’ve got some plans but it’ll take awhile before it works. Andit will… :wink:

not a good bank for your level 7/10

Not bad, you spend most of your money on stats. 9/10 on stats, 6/10 on bank.

I’ve been on RS2 less then a year ;). Started playing it in September, same time I joined RsR, and I’m richer then you :razz:.

Pretteh!!! i hate u for ur stats =p and ur bank is organized! 9/10

9/10. :slight_smile: Awesome bank.

nice winter nice i congrat ya on 1300 and nice bank

Nice bank 9 1/2 /10
(the halfs for the tideyness!)
and 9/10 for the stats!wicked!

9/10 nice ammount of steel arrows.

hmm about 3mil probly 2mil net worth looks like uve lost alot…

u have a burnt shark…and ur mage isnt that high…i’m lvl 70 mage 73 combat

wow, nice stats and bank, keep up the good work!

wow u should be a lot richer with ur fletching and the amount u must play,
nice stats anyway


nothing else to say about ur stats or bank :stuck_out_tongue:

hes mage is fine mines lvl 70 nd im lvl 88

Yay winter! Nice stats and bank and I wuv ur total :D!
You don’t have too much cash like you said but it sure seems to me like you hav everything you need. More than I have/ever had =)

Not SO good, but i love your fletching lvl though :slight_smile:
And nice combat lvl.
And why are memb bans always so well-organised lol