Rate Kingo's stats!

Well, i finally found out how to take screenies on Macs, so here are my stats… rate out of 10.

And my bank…

7\10 - Get you’re prayer up, then you’ll be decently levelled.

Awwww everyone tells me that, but I’m too busy leveling combat to level prayer… really should though.

Yeah, then you’ll be able to use prayers to increase you’re combat level.

??? What??? You can only use prayer to sustain a protect prayer for… well not long.

The +50% strength things etc.

It’s only plus 15 i think, and I can already do it.

Lol, well its useful anyway…

Not really, it drains your prayer real fast, its only good for finding your max hit.

Hmm… Well, get prayer up anyway… It makes you look more fierce and scary :stuck_out_tongue:

If prayer made you scary… churches would be chock full of demons.

I know, but in battle I mean…

Well to some ppl it makes u look like a noob, using prayer in battles.

Well, when i’m fighting someone in wildi and I see the prayer thing above their head, I get pretty scared…

6/10 get a combt skill higer like 75+

Yeah, i dont go into the wild, but i will soon to train prayer, just bring my dhide body, chaps, and rune scimy. That is good for prayer, at the boneyard.

Oh and get rcing up :slight_smile:

Shut up, rc is boring as hell feels like repeatedly shooting myself in the foot.
THis is the 18th post, its kinda pitifl that no one but us has posted here Titan.

Have I done something to upset you…?

Yeah, you exist… jk, in a few minutes im gonna post my bank too. Have fun with that, it aint as bad as my stats.