Rate me please

Are these good stats and rate me please.
Total lvl:125
Im using mith scimmy right now.
If you are going to make fun of me and my guy’s stats dont bother posting.

horrible!!! lol, jk, ur ok

keep1 defence make it a pure if ya want nice start

so really i dont need defence then?

not realy you will own in wildy is that your 1st person if it is dont make it a pure becouse you will want a main with good defence

no its not my first.will i still be a pure if i raise my attack to get up with my str?or do i need to let my str be certain lvls above my str or what help me please.

yeah yuo will dont raise prayer too much ok

ok then can i raise my prayer at least to 25 then?

well u usually dont raise prayer untill your attk,str are pretty good, say around 65-70 str 60 attk or sumthin like that
but thats just my opinon

and i think ur supposed to have str atleast 5 higher than ur attk

ok well that might take a while to get up to that lvl.my str is 4 lvls higher than my attack.

ok stats your total lvl is very low my noob account has double that and hes lvl 19 :slight_smile:

if you just started playing rs and that is your first character dont make it a pure its really hard to start out being pure when you just started rs just raise any thing you like. when you get higher level you can start making pures if you like because you will be able to support a pure with cash.


i just reached 30 strength on this guy.

Post a screen of ur stats and i’ll rate.

i took a pic but i dont know how to get it on here how do i do it?

Search for ImageShack, then Browse for it there, then copy the link here.

im on imageshack and i dont knwo what to do

Click “Browse…”, and browse for the image on you’re computer. Then click “Host”.

i cant find browse