rate my armour!

plz rate my armour ( 1- 10 ) i dont know what i should call it. any suggestions are appretiated.

p.s. this is my first post and first armour

Cool armor I rate 9/10.You could call it dimand armor or something.

a 9/10 cause it looks really cool

i like it eccept the boots are…blah anyways 8/10

at least my boots arent all red with white lines coming off the back of them!

lol! only kidding sorry if ur offended or anything

just testing my avatar and sig

didnt work

did then! sorry for going off topic a bit

wow that cool armor mate

dude dont spam

did u mention quad posting? anyway i like the armor 9/10 call it crystal clear

i wish runescape would realy have that blue armor its lush

9/10 nice job

“i like the armor 9/10 call it crystal clear”

crystal clear is cool but i was thinking more saphire or something like that

9/10 thats really cool cept the boots lol

whats wrong with my boots

That’s some nice stuff! 9/10.

Oh man amazing armor. 10/10. :twisted:

thats nice armor maybe u could have a kite shield instead of sq

10/10 shows great shadowing and sparkle… probably Magic Sapphire Armor