rate my avatar

hows my avatar does any1 like it here it is on here

its too big i think (file size)

yes it does look a bit big. not quite sure of the exact size.

@_@… Is mesmerized by the sheer amount of Lessers… But to be on topic… I think the avatar looks good but I guess I can’t say anything about file size and such since I don’t know much… Thankfully we have people like XGod-ChaserX and handmedown to guide us through the way of making our avatars look good and still meet the requirements of an avatar… But I like it… It looks good… I mean it’s a lesser… How can it not look good?

man slow the animation and make it little bright

r u being sarcastic? or am i and Xgod - chaser really that good?

I’m not being sarcastic but I’m just telling purepriest0 my opinion on his avatar but I’m just saying that I couldn’t tell him about file size and stuff since I don’t know much… I was just thinking that you guys seem to know what you’re talking about so I told purepriest0 not to listen to me and listen to other people since there isn’t a person out there that is worse than me at giving opinions… Sorry that this was badly worded…

um… i think it looks a bit too big… maybe make the rows into 2 instead of 3?

3/10 to big and its againt the rules to have it that size

4/10 make it brighter and its way to big


Not Bad but it needs to flow better not skipping like it does…

it dosn’t