Rate my avvy

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and you can say its a little bloody(its not blood its ketchup)

Um…Graphic. Very sick. Sick in a sense that there is just too much blood.

Lol! Nice, 7/10. Maria, it’s ketchup, if you read very quick on the left it says ketchup. Lol, keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

people. rate.now.or.else

have. some. paitience?

~:crazy: spartan




I think he just added that. Lol. It wasn’t there before.

5/10 its a stick figure

ummm why is the head popping off in the air and not going side-ways?

its okay…hahahahaa … you love that avvy don’t you!

turns green - don’t read that hehehe

its…speacil…i dont really get it though…

People must rate

The ketchup flashes way too fast. It makes it hard to see and hurts the eyes. Maybe also make the stick figure fire an arrow just before its head pops off.

ya noxx that is wat i was gonna say anyway 7/10

People Must Rate

3/10…sry…its just that the ketchup flashing on screen to fast

ehhh, 7/10