Rate my bank! (and things in my invent)

Heres my bank, plz rate outta 10 for my main and noob… im non member… for both account… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


Its my first picture so im nto sure if it worked… well heres my invent (i didnt take screenie with that in bank coz u cant see it + thats all the stuff i got on my pkers bank lol)
1st one is on my better character :lol:
(gave my rune scim to my noob for pking) btw im lv 77 on my main and lv 58 on my noob. 8O
and second one is my pker :smiley:



thats an awsome bank for a f2p player i am a f2p too and thats way better than mine

thx, wat lv r u btw

i love the runes and arrows and for your pker thats a whole lot of mith 8O lol great job

wheres all the rest of your stuff in da bank :stuck_out_tongue: jk

ill buy all your uncut safs

thats very nice for f2p! how do u make money?

Ok how much u buy them ea? add s_p_e_e_d_x2 and i earn money mostly by pking on my pker and mining … :smiley: :smiley: but now all the ppl just tele… so im back to mining therefore getting lotsa gems :twisted:

yo thats bangin…my bank is so much worse…lol


dude, the money and coal is so fake, the thing is drawn, and part of it is still black, bad job of fake, but an alright bank

ya how did u make ur money im 76 and i barely aforded my rune and drag stuff

Nice bank, but wheres your rune armor?

  1. It’s not fake
  2. Why would anybody wanna fake 77 coal?
  3. What do you mean “part of it is still black”?

wat r u talking about… its not a fake… :frowning: :frowning: …its true… btw my runes in my invent… and im saving for full zammy… o and i make my money from mining ores and mostly pking…

stfu, i forgot to click on it, my resolution on my screen is low sorry. jesus

ill buy saf 50 each

An ok bank 7/10 :stuck_out_tongue: