rate my bank! out of 10

1/10 being the worst
10/10 being the best. i’ll post my stats sometime later. look me up if you wish. rs name is soulofdeath0.

9.99 percent

7/10 it is way better than mine

Lol; thats pretty amazing. Why would you give him a 7/10? He deserves at least a 8 or 9 minimum. I mean, good decent amount of money, looks like he can make nats, thats a plus. Barrows you got is good; guthan stands out. Whip, robin, rangers, and a lot of items stand out. Also looks like you have good stats looking at your bank because of the non-combat items for skills you got done or in the making. 9/10.

9/10 good stuff u should have more cash

not bad 7/10

pretty nice, and are those bags pouches, lol i’m not a member so don’t call me a noob.

had to pay my friend back 1.4m i borrowed from him a while back. othwersie i would have more. and i died once with full verac at kq but i only lost the verac helm so that’s another 2m+ that i should have. but other than that thanks for the posts. i’ll post my stats another time i guess.

Very nice barrows! Awesomez bankz dudez! 10/10

gud stuff!!! way better than mine :frowning: 10/10

Full Guthans, Rune boots, and whip… You are my idol…


nice bank man!


9/10 i love all the barrows

10/10 nice bank dude!

Better than mine, much better.

Although i fail to see the arrows for 80 ranged!


shhh, i still haven’t made/bought them yet lol

:stuck_out_tongue: Get round to it soon plsh?

i give an 8 and a half

You missed his kharil and RHH?


9.99 very niice dude!