rate my bank

heres the best stuff outa my bank, rate it:

sickmate 8)

Wow, some pretty good items, 9/10.

nice bank 8.5/10 jusy a question whats that purple thing with a hole in it

It was an item used when RS2 first came out, It teleports you out of a black hole from some city. Its been taken out of the game, so its quite rare.

its a disc of returning. they cost about 1 mill, and are pretty rare (and probably the oldest rare item)
sickmate 8)

How come in your sig you only have addy (g)?

And what about all the other stuff in your bank? Seems to be missing.

well i keep selling it, then buying it back. and all my other stuff i moved down, cos u dont wanna just see boring old air tallys and cowhides, etc
sickmate 8)

Ooh, nice bank - 91%

~ ewok

nice i wish i had that stuff but my best items in bank would be ful blue dragon hide.

No offence dude, but when you look at it closely, some of the stuff looks cut and pasted.

~ ewok

if its real (which i think it is) then its pretty good…compared to mine lol


I never said that! Just examine it up close.

~ ewok

omg sickmate fooled most of u!!!
HEs my m8 at school and belive me he does not have that stuff, however he does have addy (g).
Also some of thise untradable things which were drops that hes got in his bank (scythe) were dropped at least 1 and a half years aago.
Sickmate hasnt even been playing that long.
Theres ure proof dudes.

9/10 on the bank if u had it but when i looked close i could see a few mistakes in the cuttin and pastin so 7.5/10 on the editing job looks pretty real

Lol the zammy helm looks demented.

Fake as 123 Fake street

Sweet stuff man!
i wish i had the yellow party hat!

and whats with the zammy pl8!?
its retarted

yeah if u look closly u can see how it was done

Thats fake, its not hard to tell. you can see theres no shadow on the sara helm. You got those pics from runehq item database (am i right?). Also, some of it isnt aligned properly with the rest of the stuff, odd spacing between items.

yeah, the zammy pl8 and helm look fake, and some of the sara stuff has no shadow

if it was real, 9/10

lol if your going to draw zammy armour at least use red paint…