Rate my bank

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y doesn’t anyone reply

average, 5/10
ps. wrong forum.
sickmate 8)

btw im only lvl 40

ok for lvl 40, but u dont have anything special. thats why 5/10
sickmate 8)

It is okay, 5/10 as well… Also post this under Screenshots, not Off Topic.


well…for your level, its quite good, but theres nothing which really ‘wows’ me, but all the same, quite good

6/10 but wrong forum

moved to screenshots, please dont do my job for me

sry 3/10. addy and nearly 40k doesnt impress me much

chaosnoob dont be so mean to the newbs i think like a 7/10 because hes only lv 40 and doesnt got any friends lol

lol yea but Killbill u had a lot more than that at lvl 40…and u had me!

its not great but it isant rubbish 5/10

5/10, its vot very good though my bank is not very much better =(

But maybe its good for 40 leveled! Dunno.

lol anyone wanna rate something other than 5/10? lol jk

because ur bank is rubbish, sorry to be so harsh.3/10

Very dull. It’s plain, nothing really special.

i do…5.5/10…nah just kiddin…6/10…its not that great but its better than some of the lv 40’s around…

000000000000000000000000000 well you get it a lot of zeros and then a 1.
(as i break into a sweat)

There is nothing good there go make money or something.