Rate my bank

ok im lvl 83 combat
my total lvl is quite high
and i offer free crafting herbole and smithing ull see my lvls in them so i can only do what i do lol

ok i hope u liked it remeber mark as u truely feel
if anyone suggest’s (fakie) your a noob and il finasect u clean with a fondo fork kapeesh.

ok 6ths edit everything is in sorry bout that

noobie bank

its pretty good

lol thats a nice thing to say

o deah i didnt screenie my 7.5mil il add that now…

the first two are the same; but other than that - 7/10

ok everyone i edited it so re post the first two aint the same now its in order and the 7.5mil is in so just re rate

it’s ok…the money is the only thing that stands out…7.8/10

lol if u say so

its okay…the money is probably the best thing there…its the one that stood out the most…8/10…nice stats too…8/10…

7/10 kinda noobish but gd amount of dosh

LOL are you :censored: me. His bank is MUCH better than mine, and better than a lot of peoples! Also it’s really organized lol, 8/10


thanks esay

lol i hope you have a hard password, cause your throwing urself out there by posting this…

but anyway, AWASOME bank and stats…im only lvl72 and dont got nearly that…as for money…i have 10k…now thats noobish

Bank 9.9/10
stats 9.9/10

oooooh 7mil lol like the emerald rings

thats a good bank - and well done with the herblore

thanks all
i met thehate before i sold him some 2nds
i have 3 player mods on my list
lol but none of them in top 16